What we do

The internet is fast becoming the most important source of news and information, as more and more news content is being published online. What we read in print, view on tv or hear on the radio has increasingly already been published on the web.

The sheer size and scale of the internet means that, although many companies realise that monitoring what is being said about their brand online is of crucial importance to their success, knowing how to find the information is another matter altogether.

It can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. O’Leary Analytics can provide this information to you. We monitor over 100,000 news producing sources online for mentions of your company/event/sponsor.

We analyse what is being said and where and provide you with a fully comprehensive report.Because we tailor our service to best suit each of our clients’ needs we not only present the results in a format that suits you, but also in a timeframe that works for you too, whether that is daily, weekly, monthly, annually or simply a one-off report to get a snap-shot analysis.

Information we provide includes:

  • Focused Monitoring of brand mentions in online publications.
  • Information, delivered in an easy to consume format – with live links to each article.
  • Coverage can be measured over a set time period, retrospectively.
  • Track which publications cover you, your brand, event or competitors the most.
  • Quantify and qualify the results of your PR efforts, nationally and internationally.
  • Measure the readership and credibility of the publications mentioning your brand or event.
  • Through refined, keyword-specific searches, eliminate irrelevant results.

For more information or to find out how we can help your business, please contact Stephen O’Leary today.

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